Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce (Divorce and Money)

Divorcing? Get everything you need to split assets and debts as fairly as possible.

When you’re going through divorce, you have to make an overwhelming number of financial decisions. Should you sell the house? What happens to retirement benefits? How will you handle taxes?

Full of sensitive and practical advice, Divorce & Money guides you through the complex process of making these important, and sometimes life-altering financial decisions. It covers how to:

– decide whether to keep or sell the house
– protect yourself against misuse of joint accounts and credit cards
– avoid tax problems
– handle alimony and child support
– divide debts fairly
– avoid hasty decisions that could hurt you financially
– reduce risks to your investments
– understand how a court evaluates assets
– gain financial stability as a single person

The fully updated edition provides the latest tax figures and data, plus new informatio