Divorce & Splitting Up: Advice from a top Divorce Lawyer (2015 edition)

Written by one of the country’s best-known family lawyers, Marilyn Stowe, ‘Divorce & Splitting Up’ is the essential how-to book for anyone who is getting divorced or splitting up from a partner.

Marilyn Stowe has been described as “First Class for family law” by The Legal 500.

At Stowe Family Law, the UK’s largest specialist family law firm, she has helped more than 10,000 clients over a 30-year career. If you are looking for your own divorce guru, or simply some practical support, then who better?

From making a decision about your marriage and choosing the best solicitor, to appearing in court and moving on when it is all over, Divorce & Splitting Up is your guide. Checklists, case studies and FAQs are featured alongside step-by-step explanations and easy-to-understand legal advice – all delivered in Marilyn Stowe’s friendly, no-nonsense style.

“She is regarded as one of the most formidable and sought-after divorce lawyer